Meet Our Senior Pastor


We are blessed to have a dedicated bible scholar with a shephard's spirit as our leader. Pastor Jerry teaches scriptural principles with a focus on practical application for living. We are heavenly blessed to have such a  "down to earth" and approachable pastor. We respect his Christian leadership, admire his humbleness, and appreciate his friendship.

(Click the video to hear a personal message from our pastor.)

Meet Our Founder and Co-Pastor


Elect Lady Piper Davis


Our Co-Pastor is also our church's founder. Lady Piper (as she is affectionately called) is faithful, determined, and dedicated. Lady Piper sought God's counsel to start this ministry from seeking an appropiate name for the church to understanding what would be its spiritual mission. She remains committed to establishing a wonderful place for "churched" and "unchurched" people to worship and serve in the freedom of Christ without religious regiment or denominational constraints. 

Meet Our Associate Pastor


Elder Bruce Taylor

As Associate Pastor of our church, Elder Bruce Taylor is the ultimate example of an "all in" partner in this ministry. His faithfulness is unwavering and his commitment is beyond question. He and his wife, Joyce, are long time PPM supporters and "backbone" members of our church family. Elder Bruce is our central person for program planning and operational support. We are grateful for the dedicated service that Elder Bruce has given us over the years.