Our Core Values

Our Purpose

Welcome To Pleasant Place Ministries. We are a Christ centered church started over 19 years ago by our pastors, Jerry and Piper Davis. Our church is focused on providing a friendly and family based, spiritually nuturing environment in which new and seasoned Christians can worship, fellowship, learn, and grow to reach their fullest God given potential.  

The Principles That Guide Us:

God is the supreme creator and supreme authority in the universe and beside him there is no other.

Jesus Christ is the son of God, Saviour of men, and Lord of lords.

Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior and sacrifice for your sins is essential to your salvation.

The bible is the standard bearer by which all biblical and spiritual knowledge is measured.

The seventh day (Saturday) is God's designated day of worship that was kept by Jesus and therefore we acknowledge and celebrate it out of our love for Him.

Holy days prescribed in books of Leviticus and Numbers reveals God's plan for the redemption and eventual rapture of the human race through the work of Jesus Christ. God himself asked us to memorialize these special days forever and we are doing it.

The church's mission is to peach the Word of God to ALL that would hear (especially those who do not know Christ) and to demonstrate the love of God to our fellow man.