We Are A Church that Serves!

Our church is here to serve the larger community. We offer a range of ministries and services designed to meet the needs of regular folks and families. Please let know new ways in which we can help you and be sure to take advantage of the ministerial and community services that we willingly provide.  


Consulation and Prayer​

 Please join our church family via teleconference each Wednesday at 8:00PM for Women's Unified Prayer or every Thursday night at 8PM for Men's Unified Prayer. We are pleased to pray with you for God's blessings and grace on your life. You may also find these shared prayer opportunities as perfect occassions to verbally mingle and perhaps share some interesting events of your week with others on the phone line.

Please contact us ​to receive the teleconference information.

Children's Outreach

We believe that each generation has an unique opportunity to live the gospel and also to carry it forward in ways that are uncompromising but appealing to the times in which they live. Therefore, it is incumbent on older Christians to share the good news of Christ and his works with even the youngest in our care.

At PPM our Children's Church Ministry is  committed to the positive total growth of our youth through programs and events that foster Christian training and developmental support. 

To find out more about the Children's Church Ministry contact us now.


Special Occassions and Life Events

We are here to serve you as you plan your next Christian based special occassion or life event. Our ministry is available to facilitate a variety of functions and programs. We are blessed to have event planners, program facilitators, and gifted singers and musicians as part of our church family. 

Whether you are celebrating a wedding, hostng a community forum, or dealing with the departure of a loved one, when you are in need, let us serve you with the greatest of care. 

​Contact our Hospitality and CommuniCare Ministry to inquire about how we can help you and your family.